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For most people, good hair care is the pinnacle of self-confidence these days. This isn't surprising since hair that looks shiny and full always leaves a good impression on strangers. When your hair looks well-groomed, it shows that you have an excellent physical well-being. It isn't for nothing that the expression 'as long as your hair looks beautiful' has been created. To keep your hair radiant every day, you will find different types of sustainable hair care in Bamboovement range. Take a quick look and maybe you'll soon say goodbye to the use of plastic in your house once and for all!

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Bamboo Hairbrush


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Conditioner Bar Aloe Vera

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Choose environmentally friendly bamboo hair brushes 

Is your hair full of tangles and knots every day? Then choose an environmentally friendly bamboo hair brush. This hair care product is made from a fast-growing grass that is organically produced in China. When harvesting bamboo, cutting is no problem at all, as this grass grows back at a rapid pace. In this way, nature is not thrown out of balance. In addition, the main advantage of bamboo is that it is extremely strong. This allows you to brush even the most difficult tangles out of your hair without breaking the bamboo hair brush. Something that happens regularly with similar plastic hair brushes. 

Meet plastic-free shampoo  

More and more people are now aware of the large amounts of plastic floating in our oceans. In recent years, the amount of plastic has been able to multiply at a rapid pace because everything contains this material. For example, shampoos are nowadays sold in plastic bottles as standard. These bottles are extremely difficult to recycle, which has a major impact on the environment. 

To prevent marine life from being extinct due to the harmful amount of plastic, plastic-free shampoos have been devised. This is a solid shampoo that you can easily rub on your hair. After this you can wash your hair in the usual way to remove all the sebum and grease. By adding a shampoo bar to your hair care, you immediately reduce the amount of plastic in your bathroom and your hair will shine like never before. 

Give your hair a boost with the compact conditioner bars 

Almost every woman uses a nourishing conditioner during a shower. The main reason for this is that regular shampooing will eventually make the hair dry, frizzy and stiff. This problem is caused by using a plastic-free shampoo to remove all the sebum and oil from your scalp. In combination with warm water, the hair scales open up, which makes combing your hair more difficult. By using a compact conditioner bar you avoid this problem. This hair care product has a nourishing effect and allows the hair scales to close again. As a result, after your shower, you will enjoy silky soft and radiant hair which will surprise everyone. 

Buy hair care at Bamboovement 

Are you concerned about the environment, but do you want shiny locks every day? Come to Bamboovement and get to know our extensive range of hair care. All our hair care products are completely plastic-free and made from 100% natural materials. For example, our popular bamboo hair brushes are made from organic bamboo. In addition, it is important to know that we plant a tree for every order you place with us. In this way we contribute to a cleaner and better world for future generations. Order our eco-friendly hair care products quickly and discover how wonderful it is to live plastic-free! 

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