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Interview with chief operating officer Frank

Thanks for making time for this interview. Would you please introduce yourself shortly?

My name is Frank Koch, and I was born in Germany. Since my early days, my inquisitive nature triggered me to explore new things and take on challenges, shaping my life motto "carpe diem". By seizing the day, I aim to make a positive and lasting difference in everything I do, whether personally or professionally. After completing my degree in Industrial Engineering, I have been working with consumer goods companies all around the world to create brands and compete in international markets. I love sports, a good book and playing the piano.

What brought you to The Bamboovement?

A stroke of luck brought Joshua and me together. On my journey of working with ESG-focused companies to develop breakthrough business models and products, I met Joshua. We soon realized that we share a passion for creating things that make a meaningful difference to society. The Bamboovement's values of innovation, inclusiveness, and transparency match mine, and I enjoy working in a fast-paced, broad-thinking team.

What are your expectations for The Bamboovement in five years?

I would like to contribute to building The Bamboovement into a sustainable force for good. This includes cultivating our movement that inspires more and more people to live and consume products in harmony with nature and grow our company to such a scale that we will substantially impact society, retailers, and other companies to join our mission.

Can you tell us about the sustainable steps you took yourself?

Ever since my son explained the effects of the giant garbage patches that float in our oceans on nature, my mind can't stop thinking about what I can do to reduce waste and drive change within my community and a broader audience. We stopped using one-way plastic in our household. When we lived in Asia, I organized a beach clean-up in Hong Kong after a typhoon swept all the plastic in the sea onshore; it was terrible to see how much rubbish is in our oceans and impacts marine life and eventually all of us.

What is your best sustainable tip for fellow Bamboovers?

Dare to take the first step today instead of waiting to find the best way to live more sustainably. Many people doing something every day is better than only a few select people doing something occasionally. Start with tangible small steps and make them more prominent over time. Stop using plastic shopping bags; use public transport instead of a car; replace shampoo bottles and toothpaste tubes with sustainable alternatives. There are so many ways, and it's so easy once you start doing it.

Excellent! Thank you for participating. Is there anything you'd like to ask the readers?

Don't wait for tomorrow, start now. Carpe diem – seize every day to make a difference.

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