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Is your hair full of tangles after showering and is it difficult to brush your hair? Then it is wise to add a conditioner to your shower ritual. This ensures that the condition of your hair improves considerably. Due to the nourishing effect of a conditioner bar, your hair is not only nourished, but also cared for immediately. Your hair feels silky soft after showering, making combing child's play. Take a quick look at all the plastic-free conditioners from The Bamboovement and soon enjoy hair that is super soft!

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Conditioner Bar Aloe Vera

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Conditioner Bar Lavender

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Why use a conditioner bar?

More and more women use a conditioner or conditioner in addition to their shampoo. This is not surprising since you remove all the sebum with a shampoo bar. Sebum ensures that our hair remains greasy and shiny. Removing this with a shampoo makes our hair dry, frizzy and stiff. In combination with warm water, this causes the hair scales to open. This makes it more difficult to comb your hair. With a conditioner bar you prevent this problem because it nourishes your hair. This closes the hair scales and you not only have soft hair after showering, but it is also possible to comb your hair again.

The difference between conditioner and cream rinse conditioner

Today there are dozens of different conditioners and cream rinse conditioners available. Both care products make your hair soft and smooth so that you can easily go through it with your brush or comb after showering. Yet there is a difference between a conditioner and a cream rinse conditioner. For example, a conditioner bar has been specially developed to improve the condition of your hair. You therefore use a conditioner to nourish, protect and care. This is especially great for women who suffer from very fine or damaged hair. A cream rinse conditioner, on the other hand, does not repair your hair, but only puts a protective layer around it. Moreover, a cream rinse conditioner makes your hair less heavy than a conditioner.

Opt for a plastic-free conditioner

Do you use a conditioner for your hair during every shower? Then you probably throw an empty bottle in the plastic waste every month. All these empty conditioner bottles can hardly be recycled, which means that the impact on the environment is large. In order to significantly reduce the amount of plastic we use daily, plastic-free conditioners have been introduced on the market for several years now. This is a packaging free conditioner in solid form equivalent to three bottles. In addition, this zero waste care product consists of natural ingredients that immediately provide your hair with extra nutrition and care. By choosing a plastic-free conditioner you are immediately more environmentally friendly.

Purchase a conditioner bar at The Bamboovement

At The Bamboovement we understand that not everyone has the same needs. As a result, we have included various plastic-free conditioners in our range. For example, opt for a specimen made of lavender and imagine yourself in the French lavender gardens during your shower. If you choose to buy a conditioner bar at The Bamboovement, you will also contribute directly to a better future. We plant a tree for every order you place with us. In this way we contribute to a cleaner and better world for future generations. Order a conditioner bar quickly and experience what it's like to live plastic-free!

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