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Interdental brushes


Today, good oral care is an absolute must. The main reason for this is that it's generally known that our mouth is our business card during a first meeting with strangers. It's the first thing someone sees when you talk, laugh or eat. By taking good care of your teeth with interdental brushes, you can be moren than sure that you always leave a well-maintained impression on others. Something that has become almost indispensable in our daily lives. View the entire range of sustainable teeth brushes at Bamboovement and give your health a boost!

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Prevent dental plaque with interdental brushes

Do you regularly suffer from dental plank? Then choose to use bamboo interdentale brushes to optimally clean your teeth. These are small brushes that you can easily use between your teeth. It's not without reason that dentists have been recommending the use of interdental brushes for years in people who have braces or splints. After all, with this brush you get under the wafer-thin wire in a flawless movement. This guarantees that no food remains can build up and eventually cause damage.

Bamboo interdental brushes contribute to a better world 

The vast majority of interdental brushes are made of plastic. After use, we throw these small brushes in the residual waste where they can cause huge damage to the environment. Plastic isn't biodegradable which means that it breaks down into small plastic particles over the years. We call these microplastics which are extremely harmful to humans, animals and plants. Bamboo interdental brushes have been devised to prevent plastic from ending up in the environment more and more. 

Durable interdental brushes for easy recycling 

Unfortunately, this oral care product is not made entirely from bamboo as this would be painful for your teeth. That is why the ends of the handle contain metal wire to which the nylon bristles are attached. These wafer-thin hairs provide flexibility, which ensures that you can easily reach the difficult places between your teeth. The rest of the durable tooth brushes are made of bamboo for easier recycling. 

Combining bamboo brushes with other oral care products

If you regularly suffer from plaque, your dentist has probably already advised you several times to use interdentale brushes. However, just using the small brushes is not enough these days. For optimal oral care, brush your teeth for example with a toothpaste without microplastics. This removes most of the plaque that's responsible for cavities. By combining your brushing with a mouthwash, you immediately kill all unwanted bacteria. After this, you can reach hard-to-reach places more easily with the durable bamboo brushes for radiant teeth.

Buy interdental brushes at Bamboovement

Do you want to keep your oral care optimal? Then come to Bamboovement and get to know our interdental brushes. These small brushes are made from 100% organic bamboo. This means that we only work with Chinese farmers who produce this grass in a responsible manner. If you are becoming more environmentally conscious, it's extra nice to know that we plant a tree with every order. In this way we have been contributing for years to a cleaner and better world for future generations. Order your bamboo interdental brushes quickly and enjoy clean teeth every day!

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