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Interdental Brushes

  • FSC-certified bamboo
  • Approved by dentists
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • BPA-free nylon

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Free shipping NL from €30. Rest of Europe: €50
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Additional Info

Interdental Brushes

All of us brush our teeth neatly twice a day, and some even do it more often. But did you know that brushing alone only covers 60% of your teeth? Dentists and dental hygienists insist on additional oral care for a reason. The other 40% remains hidden between your teeth. With interdental brushes, you can effectively reach those spots and keep them clean.

Why do I want these interdental brushes?

Interdental brushes are essential for optimal oral care and thus indispensable in your bathroom. Unfortunately, most still consist of plastic and belong to an endless list of poor recyclable products. However, the largest part of this eco-friendly alternative, the handle, is made of certified bamboo. By switching to these interdental brushes, you reduce the footprint of your oral care. 

What is the rest of the interdental brush made from?

Sadly, not the entire product can be made of bamboo. That would make cleaning your teeth a rather tricky task. A combination of bamboo, a thin metal wire, and nylon brushes results in the best interdental cleaning experience.

The thin wire provides flexibility to reach the sensitive areas between the teeth. The bristles are for thorough cleaning and are made of vegetable nylon. The production process of nylon 610 is a significant improvement compared to regular nylon - which uses petroleum. But unfortunately, it does not yet result in 100% biodegradable bristles. Therefore, please dispose of them in the residual waste.

Which interdental brushes should I use?

Every set of teeth is different, and that's why you most likely need a different model than, for example, your partner. That is why you will find four different kinds of interdental brushes in our offer:

  • ISO 1 (wire diameter: 0.45 mm)
  • ISO 2 (wire diameter: 0.5mm)
  • ISO 3 (wire diameter: 0.6mm)
  • ISO 4 (wire diameter: 0.7mm)

Do you have narrow spaces in between your teeth, just above the gums? Then you should consider using brushes with smaller wire sizes. Do you have slightly larger gaps? Then those with a larger diameter will suit you better.

Sustainable and animal-friendly bamboo

Like many of our products, these interdental brushes mainly consist of bamboo. For various reasons, bamboo is a highly sustainable material. First of all, it is the fastest-growing plant in the world. The kind we use, moso bamboo, grows up to one meter per day under optimal conditions.

 The origin and cycle of a bamboo plant are also very sustainable. Bamboo does not grow from seeds but one extensive root system. Using at least five-year-old bamboo keeps the root system healthy and intact, and new branches grow constantly.

Most importantly, however, we are not a threat to pandas. Their diet consists of more than 90% bamboo. Fortunately, they prefer to eat the leaves that grow close to the ground. Therefore, their choice does not fall on moso bamboo. The leaves of this kind grow too high.

Part of a greener world

Since our collaboration with the International Association of Human Values ​​and Eden Reforestation Projects (ERP), we plant a tree for every purchase. We do this together with ERP, a world expert in tree planting. They operate in 8 countries on three different continents and already have nearly 500 million trees on the counter. Want to know more about this partnership? Read on here.

With these interdental brushes, you contribute directly to the restoration and preservation of forests. We are very grateful for that because together, we make a difference.

Additional information

Dimensions 4 × 8 × 2 cm

ISO 1, ISO 2, ISO 3, ISO 4

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