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Why use toothpaste tablets?

Did you know that we have been brushing with regular toothpaste tubes for over a century? Annually more than a billion toothpaste tubes end up in landfill, incendiaries and oceans. As you can imagine, this creates massive amounts of plastic waste which are devastating for our planet.

What’s the solution?

Let's crush plastic together by swapping conventional plastic toothpaste tubes for plastic-free alternatives with natural ingredients! If we all make small changes in our daily routines, we can make a huge impact together, for ourselves and the planet!

HappyTabs natural toothpaste tablets are the solution for a more sustainable and healthy, daily oral care routine. They contain high-quality natural ingredients that fight caries and plaque. HappyTabs toothpaste tablets are available in fluoride and fluoride-free versions. One jar contains approximately 80 toothpaste tablets and will thus last 1.5 months in usage if you use two tablets daily. Combine a jar with our bamboo toothbrush, and you are making significant steps towards a plastic-free life. 

Why use toothpaste tablets?

How to Use Toothpaste Tablets?

HappyTabs toothpaste tablets are easy to use. But above all, its a fun and a responsible way to brush your teeth with! All you need is a wet toothbrush. It’s just like toothpaste, but without the waste. All it takes are just 3 easy steps:

  1. Crush a tablet between your teeth
  2. Brush with a wet toothbrush while the toothpaste tablet starts foaming up
  3. Enjoy your clean teeth and fresh minty breath

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Another oral care product that fills up landfills, oceans and incendiaries is the toothbrush. Over 7 billion people live on our planet, and most of them brush their teeth with a regular toothbrush. 99% of these normal toothbrushes consist still of conventional plastics. If you really want to discover your inner-eco warrior, you could also swap your oldfashioned plastic toothbrush for a more sustainable alternative. Like a bamboo toothbrush, for example.

Why bamboo? Because it's one of the most sustainable natural resources in the world. Bamboo can grow at an incredible rate, up to one meter a day. It also requires minimal (natural) fertilisers, as many bamboo stems grow out of one rooting system. In case bamboo is harvested sustainably, the rooting system remains intact and regenerates new bamboo trees.

bamboo toothbrush

Did you get curious about trying out these great toothpaste tablets? Go on and try them! You find them here in our webshop. For the perfect match, you include one of our bamboo toothbrushes

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