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Tree Planting with Bamboovement. How does it work?

At Bamboovement, business doesn't just mean profits and markets but also care for the planet and its inhabitants. We're all about shaking things up, setting new standards, and living in harmony with nature. That's why we're big on tree planting, a simple yet effective way to help the environment. But how exactly does tree planting work with Bamboovement? Well, we plant a tree for every order placed and every subscription to our newsletter. It's our little way of saying thank you, not just to you but also to Mother Nature.

tree planting with bamboovement

Now, here's where it gets fascinating. We didn't just want to plant trees—anybody can do that—we wanted to make an impact far beyond the tree itself. That's why we've teamed up with a wonderful organisation that's a pioneer in its field and shares our vision for sustainable living. Enter Eden Reforestation Projects. Together, we're not just changing landscapes. We're changing lives. Wondering how? Brace yourselves because you're about to embark on a journey into the extraordinary world of tree planting and its potential to transform communities and ecosystems. Let's dive right in!

Tree planting benefits

In contrast to artificial structures designed to curtail greenhouse gas emissions, forests serve multiple essential functions. They enhance biodiversity, mitigate flooding, and curb soil erosion. In addition, they form vital habitats for numerous species and offer resources that drive local economies, leading to job creation and wealth. Most importantly, plants and trees are highly efficient in maintaining climate equilibrium and reducing global warming. If you're intrigued by how vegetation can accomplish all these feats, continue reading to uncover the answers.

To start with, trees cool our planet by aiding cloud formation, reflecting sunlight and lowering the atmospheric temperature. This occurs through a mechanism known as transpiration: trees draw water from the soil via their roots and release it into the atmosphere through their leaves. This water vapour, combined with bacteria that act as condensation nuclei, accelerates the formation of clouds.

Secondly, trees help decrease atmospheric carbon levels. They absorb carbon dioxide and convert it into compounds released through the roots. These compounds sequester carbon underground, trapping it for hundreds of years in a process known as carbon sequestration.

Why Eden Reforestation Projects?

Alas, rapidly planting countless monocultural trees isn't an adequate solution to the deforestation crisis. A more holistic perspective is required to tackle this issue effectively. This approach considers trees integral to broader ecosystems and emphasises appropriate planting strategies. Reforestation should prioritise the environment's well-being over purely human interests, as these ecosystems function like vital organs helping the Earth maintain its temperature.

tree planting with bamboovement

That's precisely what Eden Reforestation Projects has been about since they set up shop in 2005. Their approach called the 'Employ-to-Plant' methodology, is all about working closely with local communities and their leaders. They offer financial incentives and easy-to-follow planting methods to help these communities breathe new life into their local environment and economy. The beauty of it is that Eden's way is straightforward enough to be picked up and used anywhere, even in places with few resources and where there are all sorts of infrastructure issues like bumpy roads, power outages, and sketchy internet. And by putting local communities front and centre in their work, Eden helps foster a strong sense of dedication to reforestation and a long-term commitment to protecting their forests. At the end of the day, Eden's success and the success of these communities go hand in hand, showing that sustainable reforestation is a team effort.

These combined efforts have resulted in staggering results. For example, Eden has planted nearly a billion trees in ten countries by May 2023. At the same time, providing work to local communities, they empowered almost 15.000 local community members, and thus their kids as well, with fair wages in return for their efforts. Click here to see the current statistics.

How to get involved and start tree planting with Bamboovement?

We hope this deep dive into tree planting and Eden Reforestation Projects has left you inspired and hungry to make a difference. So, how can you participate and help reduce your carbon footprint? It's simple. Every time you purchase a product or subscribe to our newsletter at Bamboovement, you are actively contributing to the reforestation process and supporting local communities across the globe. Each action means one more tree in the ground, another step towards restoring our planet's green lungs, and an empowerment opportunity for individuals and families in developing countries. 

But it doesn't stop there. By switching to our high-quality, plastic-free personal care products, you are embracing a sustainable lifestyle and becoming part of a global community committed to a greener future. It's a small step for you, a giant leap for our planet. So, are you ready to join tree planting with Bamboovement and Eden Reforestation Projects in turning the tide against deforestation? Your planet needs you. Let's make a difference together.

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Three tips on how to infuse your King’s Day with sustainability

On the next 27th of April, our long-waited King’s Day will be celebrated, when the streets, the parks and the canals will be swarmed by people, and the cities will be painted with a coat of exuberant orange. This Dutch national festivity is a tradition as simple as celebrating the House of Oranje, and in current times it is held on the present King’s Willem Alexander birthday. 

It is for some the occasion of the year where you can treat your ears to all kinds of music throughout the city and breathe the electrifying happiness exuded by everyone celebrating. For others who might prefer peace away from the vast crowds in the city centres, King’s Day is also a great time to enjoy the company of family and friends and, above all, relax. 

However, there is a dark side to this beautiful celebration year after year that few people are aware of. The absurd amount of waste generated. For this same reason, we have decided to give you a few ways to celebrate an eco-friendly King’s Day. Because, after all, there is no reason to celebrate at the expense of the environment; we owe that much to Mother Nature during Earth Month, don’t you agree? 

Circular economy flourishes on King’s Day

One wonderful way to become more eco-friendly is to be part of a circular economy where the life cycle of products is extended through sharing, reusing, repairing and recycling with the sole purpose of reducing waste. During King’s Day, you can also be part of this thanks to the Free markets (Vrijmarkt). Traditionally a nation of sailors and merchants, the Dutch honour their roots by celebrating their most important national holiday with their small fleamarkets, where a myriad of objects from the households are sold and bought. You can take advantage of this charming heritage and use the opportunity to enrich or depurate your wardrobe without contributing to fast fashion. Or maybe to go hunting for household things that you may need.

And speaking about historical traditions, another indispensable part of celebrating an eco-friendly King’s Day is wearing something orange after the House of Oranje. This is another great chance to hop on the circular economy train. Instead of buying new clothes that might end up forgotten in your wardrobe, you can go thrift shopping the days prior to King’s Day for that piece of orange clothing that will make everyone break their necks trying to get a glimpse of that fabulous outfit. 

Watch the waste

Some people forgo the orange etiquette and give some spiciness to their attire by adding some orange accessories like glasses and Hawaiian necklaces. This will give you some flavour to your outfit. But, unfortunately, most of them are made of plastic and will contribute to more than 200,000 kgs of waste created in Amsterdam. We encourage you, instead, to use this time to make art and crafts with your kids or friends and make something of your own creation. 

Adding to the ensemble theme, you can put the final touch using colour paint, makeup or orange hairspray. Once again, we need to be conscious of our environmental impact and, for example, use harmless hair sprays without ammonia and parabens. Or, in the case of makeup, use our reusable makeup remover pads at the end of your day. Made from a blend of cotton and bamboo fibres, these soft and naturally antibacterial pads will provide a clean face and, more importantly, a clean conscience before bed.

No matter how you celebrate King’s Day, there is always a way to make the experience more eco-friendly. You might spend the day at the park or with your kids in the free markets. We recommend you let go of the cling film to wrap your sandwiches and use beeswax instead. Or you might just wander around the city, drinking and enjoying the countless outdoor festivals set throughout the city. As of April, together with bottles, cans can be returned at the supermarket for a small amount of money in return. We encourage you to carry a bag with you where you can put all the waste and recycle it the next day. But above all, try to avoid littering as some of it will end up in the canals and consequently pollute the ocean.

Eco-friendly activities to celebrate

If you want to avoid large crowds, King's Day is a great time for other activities. Going tree planting is probably the most eco-friendly and fun to be done with friends and family. Do you still have some gardening plans? This could be the day! It is also a great time to visit museums open on King's Day, such as the Stedelijk Museum and Van Gogh Museum. Since everyone will be out on the streets, museums are expected to be quite empty.

At the end of the day, being environmentally conscious is more of a mindset and way of life that affects every aspect of your life, rather than something that you can do from time to time. So, regardless of your final plan for King’s Day, try to be aware of your environmental influence and act accordingly. Just remember that having fun, spending time with family and friends, and being in harmony with nature all go hand in hand. There is no reason to elevate one over the other.

Celebrate Earth Month by reconnecting with nature

Blog Eco-Friendly Picnic #1

We can all agree this winter has been long and gloomy, and the bills have been painful on our wallets. But at last, it is time to start toasting under the sun again. We think it is no coincidence that Spring arrives during Earth Month. It almost feels like the universe is allowing us to reconnect with nature. So how to better live in harmony with Mother Earth than with an eco-friendly picnic? You just need to round up your group of friends or family. 

We will give you a few picnic tips to enjoy that bucolic scene surrounded by green that we all have in mind. First of all, two things need to be taken into account when planning your perfect picnic day: a desirable location and the basic supplies you will need to bring.

Pick the perfect location for your eco-friendly picnic

Since there is an abundant pool of picnic locations to choose from, the answer as to where you should go rests on your own and the likings of the people joining you. If you are the kind of person that values privacy and a breathtaking view, then a secluded spot in nature will be the way to go. A forest campground with an open spot to set your picnic or a wilderness trail in the mountains will do the trick. Although sadly, the latter is tricky to find here in the Netherlands. Or, you might be one of those lucky people living next to the coast, where a hidden beach coven will grant you that yearned solitude. Regardless of your desired spot, bringing suitable footwear and packing light will be essential to have enough energy to enjoy the rest of the day once you reach your destination. 

Then again, being surrounded by other picnickers or a more accessible location to enjoy your picnic might be what you are looking for. An excellent way to meet like-minded people, by the way. Then parks and lakes will allow you to enjoy these without getting too far from urban life. On top of that, they are very easy to find just by looking at a city map. Once you have picked your location, it is time to look for a spot with access to water and shade to avoid overexposure to the sun.

Blog Eco-Friendly Picnic #2

Be in harmony with nature

This brings us to the next step in planning your day, the gear. The first item is the foundation to build a comfortable space, an eco-friendly picnic blanket. Preferably one that is waterproof, to easily clean afterwards. Another indispensable item is sunscreen. You really want to avoid sobbing in pain when turning on your bed at the end of the day. Great to complement your skin protector are our stylish and shielding bamboo sunglasses. In addition, wet wipes can be a convenient item to bring, as well as a pocket first aid kit in case of injuries. Lastly, a legitimate picnicker will always have Mother Nature in mind and bring a trash bag to leave the place the same way it was found, or even better, inspire others to do the same.

Delightful food ideas for your eco-conscious adventure 

Of course, we must remember the one thing without which a picnic would not be a picnic, food! You might be tempted to bring some delicacy that took you hours to make, but let’s be honest, it will not be very practical. So instead, sandwiches, pizza or quiche, which you can keep sustainably fresh with beeswax, will be at the top of the list. However, you might want to enjoy a plate of pasta or a salad with our wonderful bamboo cutlery, and that is completely fine. 

Here are some ideas so you don’t have to rack your brain. For the aperitivo, vegetables cut in slices with hummus to dip in will add protein to the meal. For the main course, a sandwich with jam and cheese or mozzarella, pesto and dried tomatoes will be easy to prepare. Another option could be a broccoli and Roquefort quiche or one with zucchini, eggplant, onion and grated cheese. And some delicious homemade cookies will surely have a good reception for the dessert. Or, if you want to go the healthy route, a fruit salad with pineapple, watermelon, and grapes can be very refreshing. Inviting all who join to chip in with their creations will certainly unravel into a funky feeding frenzy. However, if you do not like relishing your frenzy, you can always consider supporting local businesses.

Nature-friendly activities to spend the day

There is no doubt that an eco-friendly picnic is the perfect occasion to spend quality time with your loved ones and renew your energies just by lying down and soaking in some vitamin D. But we can also make the most of our time and enjoy some outdoor activities. That will no doubt release some built-up tension and stress, lift your mood and guarantee a good night of sleep. You could bring a frisbee, football or slackline and a deck of cards or board games to play once you get tired. If you have decided to spend the day surrounded by nature, hiking and enjoying the scenery could also be fun. We recommend bringing a book to read when things get calm and a portable speaker to create a relaxed ambience and even meditate.

Blog Eco-Friendly Picnic #3

Regardless of what you decide to do in the end, remember to take the pressure off and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones in harmony with nature and away from the tentacles of consumerism. We encourage you to plan your eco-friendly picnics during this beautiful time of the year and share your experiences with us on Instagram and Facebook.

Our journey towards a more sustainable future has just begun, and what a start it has been. During the past month of February, the International Trade Fair for Natural and Organic Personal Care, a prestigious event geared towards sustainable hygiene products, was celebrated by VIVANESS. And we are proud to announce that the Bamboovement eco-friendly disposable razor was awarded Best New Product, which recognises our commitment to sustainability and the effort dedicated to reducing our plastic footprint. 

eco-friendly razor
VIVANESS Best New Product 2023 | Bamboovement's Eco-Friendly Razor

In harmony with you and with nature

Designed with precision and performance in mind, this razor features three high-quality Swedish steel blades that glide smoothly over your skin for a close, pleasant shave each time. With its ergonomic grip, this razor fits comfortably in your hand, allowing for a seamless shaving experience. The handle is specially designed to provide a secure grip, so you can shave confidently without worrying about slips or cuts. On top of that, it is entirely unisex, meaning the ladies can say goodbye to all that ‘pink tax’ nonsense, and you and your partner can enjoy a quick and effective shave with razors from the same package. 

Most natural eco-friendly razor in the world

However, the innovative aspect that struck the interest of the people attending the event did not come from its design or effectiveness but from the fact that it is the most natural disposable razor in the world. Made almost entirely from wood waste gathered from the Swedish wood industry, it is 99% plastic free. With these materials, not only is the need for large quantities of plastic for razor blades avoided, but what was previously considered waste is now contributing to a cleaner future. 

Yet, our efforts towards a more sustainable future do not stop just there. In collaboration with ClimatePartner, we are offsetting the carbon released in the manufacturing of the razors by supporting indigenous people in their pursuit of avoiding the deforestation of the Matavén forest in Colombia, making the razors a carbon-neutral product. 

eco-friendly razor
The razor is created in harmony with nature

Join the razor revolution

We assure you that although we are deeply honoured, this award is only the beginning, and we stay committed to innovation and sustainability. In the meantime, if you want to ditch that gnawing feeling when you throw away a plastic razor, you can purchase our unique eco-friendly razors in the webshop. Simply by doing so, you will be already making a difference since a tree will be planted for every order you make!

Disposable razors. We use five billion of them worldwide, together resulting in 40 million kilos of plastic waste annually. Since these razors often consist of several types of plastic, only a tiny fraction is recycled. The rest ends up in landfills or incinerators. Here they break down into harmful microplastics or cause air pollution, making disposable razor blades a toxic waste product.

razor pollution

Thankfully, there are many alternatives. The traditional straight razor, the safety razor, all kinds of electric shavers, and the possibility of waxing or lasering. After all, one could speak of a saturated shaving market, but nothing is further from the truth. The market seems saturated. With still plenty of room for improvement.

The stagnant razor market

The razor market is traditional and old-fashioned. If there is a new product launch, the emphasis is on the extra blade in the cartridge or a more powerful battery in the shaver. On top of that, the major players like to separate men's and women's products - even when it comes down to disposable razors. It is a clever marketing trick that ultimately results in higher prices on female products. Were you already familiar with the pink tax?

The shaving market has stagnated, focusing on performance and profit, especially since the first disposable razor blade. The time has come for change. We need a sustainable alternative.

The plastic problem

Don't get us wrong, those who really want to can shave sustainably. With a safety razor, for instance. But beware because properly using one might be a hard nut to crack (not too surprising for a product dating from 1880). Another eco-friendly option is waxing with sugar paste, yet this one also is not for everyone. The fact that existing alternatives do not catch on with the general public creates a problem.

For many, price, quality and ease of shaving outweigh sustainability. This understanding seems to be confirmed by the annual number of disposable razor blades used: five billion (BEYOND PLASTIC, 2020). Together they account for 40 million kilos of plastic waste, a gigantic monstrosity weighing almost 1,000 Boeing 737s. Yet, this beast is still being fed daily without a satisfactory alternative. So to find a solution became our new goal.

A sustainable solution

Almost three years ago, we first noticed the absence of a sustainable and comparable alternative to disposable razors. As disposability is not anywhere close to being eco-friendly, it doesn't fit with Bamboovement's values. However, we realised someone needed to come up with something as an alternative for those millions of people who use these razors. Cracking the code promised to be quite a challenge because people do not just switch to a sustainable lifestyle.

During the first drawing board session, the logical thought was: "Let's make bamboo razors," but this proved challenging to create. Bamboo is an ideal plastic substitute, except when making small detailed components, like a cartridge. So we started looking for something else.

Until we found a combination of natural residual products such as wood oil and fibres, called biocomposite. It's solid yet flexible and can be pressed into moulds. The latter makes cartridge production a piece of cake. By using waste materials for our razors, we create an eco-friendly alternative to a polluting product and clear up unwanted waste materials – a winning solution.

Do sustainable disposable razors exist?

Bamboovement razors

Three years later, we are on the verge of launching sustainable and unisex razor blades three years later. We have tremendous confidence in our alternative, focusing on quality, affordability, and ease of use alongside sustainability. After all, it is the world's most natural razor with the look and feel of a traditional disposable razor.

We are ready to shake up the market and invite you to become part of the shaving revolution. So if you shave and still use disposable razors, then be sure to choose sustainably!

Be among the first to pre-order here, and receive your eco-friendly razors in April 2022.

Do sustainable disposable razors exist?
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