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Bamboo Cotton Buds

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  • bamboo cotton buds (100 pieces)
  • silky soft cotton
  • certified bamboo
  • packaged plastic-free

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Bamboo Cotton Buds

A beautiful and sustainable alternative to one of the most frequently found plastic products on beaches. These cotton buds are made from bamboo and cotton and are completely plastic-free.

The importance of bamboo cotton buds

Did you know that single-use cotton buds are among the top 10 most commonly found plastic items on beaches? Unfortunately, this means they are a great danger to all the animals that come across them. By switching to bamboo buds, you prevent a lot of animal suffering.

Even when plastic swabs end up in the trash, they don't get recycled. In contrast, you can dispose of our natural alternative in the organic waste stream after use. So by using bamboo buds, you also avoid unnecessary waste.

Sustainable and animal-friendly bamboo

Like many of our products, these cotton buds mainly consist of bamboo. For various reasons, bamboo is a highly sustainable material. First of all, it is the fastest-growing plant in the world. The kind we use, moso bamboo, grows up to one meter per day under optimal conditions.

The origin and cycle of a bamboo plant are also very sustainable. Bamboo does not grow from seeds but one extensive root system. Using at least five-year-old bamboo keeps the root system healthy and intact, and new branches grow constantly.

Most importantly, however, we are not a threat to pandas. Their diet consists of more than 90% bamboo. Fortunately, they prefer to eat the leaves that grow close to the ground. Therefore, their choice does not fall on moso bamboo. The leaves of this kind grow too high.

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Weight 0,046 kg
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 3 cm


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