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Cork Toiletry Bag


  • Direct CO2-reduction
  • Made in Portugal
  • Organic cork

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Free shipping NL from €30. Rest of Europe: €50
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Cork toiletry bag

Imagine you are going on a trip for the weekend for a relaxing getaway. What do you bring? In any case, your toiletries. So, you collect all your cruelty-free and plastic-free cosmetics, giving you this incredible sensation. It’s your eco-consciousness taking its responsibility of which you’re proud. But then, as you take out your toiletry bag to pack everything, nothing can keep that feeling together. Your outdated toiletry (partly) consists of plastic and is an eyesore among those beautiful eco-friendly products. So, even though you’re doing great with your eco-friendly personal care products, that room for improvement confronts you, and you feel that it’s not good enough yet. It must be the last thing you wanted, right before getting away.

A toiletry bag for carefree travelling

A cork toiletry bag is your medicine against unpleasant moments like these. Our cork is entirely natural and therefore not only good for you but also eco-friendly. So get a cork toiletry bag and prepare yourself for fun and carefree trips!

Super sustainable

Cork is a super durable material. By peeling off the bark of the cork oak, you get the cork. Sorry for the tree? Not at all. By peeling cork oaks once every nine years, they live up to 2.5x longer than usual. That’s why peeled oaks remove much more CO2 from the air. They become up to 200 years old instead of just 80. You bet the trees like this.

Additional information

Weight 0,055 kg
Dimensions 28 × 15 × 2 cm


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