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Reusable Buds


  • 2 unique reusable swabs
  • 1 beautiful self-closing bamboo box
  • For cleaning ears and applying make-up
  • With permanently attached silicone tips
  • Medical grade silicone - FDA certified
  • One time purchase - ditch disposables!

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Free shipping NL from €30. Rest of Europe: €50
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Additional Info

Reusable Buds

The sustainable successor to bamboo cotton buds: two reusable buds in a tiny bamboo box. For clean ears and natural make-up. And a waste-free world.

One bud for clean ears

The box contains two reusable swabs that you can easily distinguish from each other because of their different ends. The knobbed one is suitable for cleaning your auricles.

And one for make-up

The make-up stick has two unique ends: pointy and round. Use the pointed tip to apply your make-up with precision and the rounded one to remove any residue. You may find that the other way around works even better for you. Experiment and find out what you like best.

How do I clean reusable buds?

After use, wash with a small amount of shampoo or regular soap and hot (not boiling) water. Heat the tips with water first and then rub them thoroughly with soap. Rinse briefly, dry and store safely in the case. In less than a minute, you are ready for the next round. For thorough cleaning, please put them in warm water with a bit of soda or cleaning vinegar for a few seconds.

How durable and safe are the silicone tips?

Silicone products look like plastic, yet there are essential differences between the two materials. Silicone is made from the natural silicon found in sand and quartz. Combined with oxygen, for example, it acquires elastic, heat-resistant, and unbreakable properties. As a result, it lasts longer than plastic and better withstands extreme temperatures. But most importantly, it will never degrade into microplastics.

In personal care products, safety comes first. That is why we use silicones of the best quality. The type we use is FDA tested and medically certified.

Do I need to pay any attention?

There are a few things to keep in mind when using reusable buds:

  1. The silicone tips do not absorb moisture, which is significantly different from bamboo cotton buds. Therefore, using them can take some getting used to at first.
  2. Cleaning your ear canal, as with other cotton buds, is risky. Your ears are a self-cleaning organ that works to pull out the dirt. Using (cotton) buds interrupts this natural process and can even damage your eardrum if you go too deep. So be extra careful or, to be sure, only clean the auricles.
  3. Please note that the sticks are not suitable for removing make-up. For that take a look at these reusable cotton pads.

Additional information

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Dimensions 10,5 × 3 × 1,7 cm


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