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Eco-Friendly Razors

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  • 5 razors in a bag
  • 3 high-quality Swedish steel blades
  • 99% plastic-free
  • carbon-neutral
  • made of wood waste materials
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Free shipping NL from €30. Rest of Europe: €50
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Eco-Friendly Razors

Do you know what happens to the (disposable) razor blades you toss in the bin? It is an essential question that gets too little attention. If the answer were common knowledge, we would hopefully think twice before getting new razors. The amount of discarded blades makes the question so important. It is billions every year, the majority of which consists of both plastic and metal, a combination making recycling unviable. Therefore, the answer to the initial question is disappointing: very little. Except for becoming a contributor to the plastic soup and the plastic crisis. So, please reconsider and choose eco-friendly razors.

Sustainable razors unique in every way

The razor market is gilded in plastic and fraught with polarisation. The major market holders launch a new model annually, almost by tradition, yet have never produced a genuinely eco-friendly one. Also, it has been enough with the blue and pink division: the needless split between men's and women's models.


Finally, there is an eco-friendly solution to plastic razor pollution. In our search for an alternative material, we settled on residual products from the wood industry. We solved two problems in one fell swoop using this kind of material. First, we avoid the need for large quantities of plastic for razor blades. And second, we process materials previously considered waste. A combination of solutions that contributes directly to a cleaner future.


Dear ladies, please forget about that annoying and useless pink tax. In our world, creating a separate and more expensive line of razors for women is very wrong. Most importantly, a razor should provide a smooth shave, whether used on a beard or legs. That is why we focused on shaving comfort and not on the razor handle's colour. The result is extraordinary: the world’s most natural razor made for both men and women.

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Weight 0,044 kg
Dimensions 11,5 × 23 × 2 cm

1 review for Eco-Friendly Razors

  1. Luc

    Best razors I have used so far and also without the plastic, great product.

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